Author: vwillcox

  • A bit of nostalga

    Every now and again, I like to revisit my internet history (no – not that sort of history). I like to look at the past stuff I did on the internet. Today is one of those days, so I thought I would bring you along for the ride. Wanting to relive my days as a…

  • 2023 Refresh

    I have stripped the design back of this site to be quicker to navigate and easier to load. Now when I pass out the URL for my CV etc hopefully people are left looking at a “It’s so last year” look. I have removed unrequired items (so gone is the never updated photo album, gone…

  • Tidy Tidy

    Well, it’s that time of the year that I clean up my online presence. So this site has had a quick clean up. It’s now lean and clean and straight to the point with little fluff.

  • Let’s Blog!

    Let’s Blog!

    It’s been nearly a year since this site had any love. As such I have just done some much-needed maintenance. I’ve upgraded the version of WordPress, upgraded the PHP in use on the server and optimised the CSS and loading of the site!

  • Refresh time!

    Refresh time!

    I have decided that the time was ripe, to brush away the stale look that’s been in place for 23 months and replace theme. Just a little tweak to make things feel a little fresher and ready to welcome in 2022!

  • New Look

    New Look

    If you have read my previous post, you will see I am migrating from my old website to a new one. I have decided to also bring with it a fresh coat of paint. As you can see above, there is a subtle change in design. This should make it easier to use if you…

  • New Domain!

    New Domain!

    When I first started a personal site, I found a niche domain system called Dot.TK. The names were cheaper than other options at the time, so I purchased and started as my personal blog and CV repository. However, as time has gone on, this domain type (.tk) has become a haven for spammers…